FIT vs. microFIT; how do they differ?

Very simply put, any renewable energy system that is less 10kW in size falls under the microFIT program. Anything above 10kW up to 10MW is a FIT project.

There is another subgroup under FIT which is called small FIT. Small FIT projects are those that their system size is bigger than 10kW and smaller than 500kW.

microFIT is usually suitable for small rooftop systems in residential buildings and homes, as well as being a good investment opportunity for small business owners. Farmers could also benefit from this program for small ground-mount projects.

The tariff rate offered by the OPA is inversely proportional to the system size. That is, the bigger the system, the smaller the tariff rafte. Therefore microFIT projects earn the highest rate per kWh of the electricity produced.

In terms of regulations and paper work, there are many differences between FIT and microFIT.


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