How much money can my solar system earn for me?

There’s a general formula to use: in Toronto (and southern Ontario generally) you usually get 1100-1200 kWh/kW/year. Let’s consider 1100 for now. What this number means is that for each kW of a system you install, you are able to produce 1100 kWh of electricity in a year.

Thus if you have 100 kW system, then:

100 x 1100 = 110,000 kWh in one year.

If you have a 2.8 MW system, then:

2.8 x 1000 x 1100 = 3,080,000 kWh in one year.

Now that you know how much electricity your system can produce, you can calculate how much money you can earn. You have consult OPA website for their updated price schedule.

Remember! This method only applies to the first year. Solar systems’ performance degrades over time, thus the system production decreases at a rate annually.


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