I want solar panels on my roof, what should I do?

It is always hard to understand where to start from when you decide to invest capital on such a project. Depending on the size of the proposed system for the rooftop, there are various stages you need to take.

First of all, you should find out whether your roof is suitable for a solar system at all or not. Look at the orientation of the building, objects around your house, trees, buildings, are they shading your roof? Is there a possibility that within the next 20 years, there will be building built near your house that will cause shadings on the roof? And most important of all, will your building exist for at least the next 20 years? If the answer to these questions is a YES, then move on to the next stage.

Because of the weight of the solar array, your roof has to be examined whether it can bear the extra weight on it or not. At the beginning stages, this should be examined instinctively by yourself, or a general inspection by an expert. You could take the extra care and pay for a consultant to check the strength of your roof.

If you are going to install a large system, you must contact your LDC (local distribution company, or in other words, the utility) to check whether there is enough capacity available to add your system to the grid or not. This is usually known as pre-FIT application.

Once approved, you can move ahead to sign a contract with the OPA. The new rules set by the OPA require you to get a building permit before you become eligible to sign a contract with them.

It is recommended that from this stage on, you contact one of the many companies to handle the regulatory and design work to them. In order to find a company that can help you, submit the form here.


2 responses to “I want solar panels on my roof, what should I do?

  1. The first thing you should do when deciding that you want solar panels on your roof is to call up every local solar installer around your area. From there ask for estimates from each and every one to see which will and won’t give you good rates based on the size of your roof.

    -Sharone Tal

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