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What are the associated costs to applying for a FIT contract with OPA?

Submitting an application to the OPA for a FIT contract for a rooftop solar PV system has different costs associated with it directly and indirectly that have to bee foreseen when intending to submit an application. A brief description of these costs are represented here based on FIT Rules version 2.1.

Application Fee (FIT Rules Section 3.1(b))

“a certified cheque, bank draft or money order payable to “Ontario Power Authority” in an amount that is the greater of (i) $0.50 per kW of proposed Contract Capacity, subject to a maximum of $5,000, and (ii) $500, which fee is inclusive of GST and shall be non-refundable regardless of whether the Application is accepted by the OPA (the “Application Fee”);”

Application fee is non-refundable, and for any project smaller than 1MW is $500.

Application Security (FIT Rules Section 3.1(c) and 3.1(d))

“for Applications other than where an Application is in respect of an Aboriginal Participation Project or a Community Participation Project described in Section 3.1(c)(ii), security in an amount that is the greater of (A) $1,000.00; and
(B)$20 per kW of proposed Contract Capacity, in respect of Solar (PV) Projects” [slightly modified]

For projects smaller than 50kW, the application security fee is $1,000. Application security will be returned upon receipt of FIT contract, and the Completion and Performance Security.

Completion and Performance Security (FIT Contract Article 5)

Completion and Performance Security must be paid within 30 days of receiving Notice to Proceed in the amount of “Incremental NTP Security”. The amount of the Incremental NTP Security is $25.00 per kW of Contract Capacity of a rooftop solar project, and is returned after Commercial Operation Date.

See FIT Contract rules for more details.

Connection Impact Assessment (CIA)

CIA must be executed after the effective date of the FIT contract. Its cost varies depending on the size of your system, and the LDC where your site location falls under. Consult the LDC website for details of the costs.

Professional Engineer Report (FIT Rules Section 3.2(f))

“for Rooftop Solar Projects, the Applicant must obtain a written confirmation from a Professional Engineer, in the Prescribed Form, stating that the Existing Building has sufficient usable surface area for the Project and that it is either:
(i) suitable to support the Rooftop Solar Project; or
(ii) would be suitable to support the Rooftop Solar Project after implementation of improvements, a complete listing and particulars of which are described in such confirmation”

Consult an structural engineering firm for the details of their service and associated costs. Contact me for references.