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How many MWs of renewable energy technologies are installed in Ontario under the FIT program?

Under the FIT 1.0 program which was launched in September 2009 and lasted for about two years, more than ten thousands application were submitted to the OPA. These applications would add up to nearly 21 MW of renewable energy technologies in Ontario.

Of all these application only 1,700+ were granted contracts, totaling 4,500 MW of renewable energy systems. Solar PV and wind probably have the biggest share among various green technologies.

Currently nearly 400 MW of renewable energy technologies are in commercial operation within province, and the remaining 4,100 MW that is shared between 1,200 OPA contracts are in development phase.

With the launch of new FIT program (version 2.1) there will be a small spike in the capacity of renewable energy systems within Ontario. But the development phase will be shorter since the new systems must be in service within 18 months of entering the contract with the OPA.