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What is EASR?

Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) is essentially a procedure similar to getting a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) from the Ministry of Energy and Environment, directed towards small ground-mount solar systems. It also takes much less time compared to REA.

In order to qualify for EASR, among other criteria, the maximum capacity of the ground-mount solar system must not exceed 500 kW. The system has to be located on lands with specific uses (residential not included), and must qualify a minimum setback distance of 15  meters from the property border.

The Ministry of Environment in Ontario provides useful resources for EASR for “Small Ground-mounted Solar Facilities”. To access the information visit:

As the first step, you should fill in the Notification Form in accordance with section 5.2 of “Environmental Activity & Sector Registry (EASR) User Guide;
Small Ground-Mounted Solar Facilities”, all of which can be found in the link provided above. You then qualify to register on EASR online.

The cost for the EASR procedure is an estimate of $1,200.